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12 amazingly beautiful shower designs

Small bathroom or large, it's the layout that counts

Whether or not you’re installing a bath as part of your bathroom renovation, a shower remodel takes in where to place the shower and how to maximise its size and functionality.

These are two of the most important decisions you’ll have to make and ideally without compromising on style.

With a little careful planning you can use stylish solutions to space problems. By looking closely at your shower design, you’ll overcome the obstacles and settle on a shower design to tick all your boxes.

  1. With all your fixtures lined up along one wall, plumbing is more straightforward, space is optimised and no corners need to be filled. Here, fittings graduate from narrow to wide towards to back wall, with the bath finally spanning the entire width.
  1. A classic clawfoot bath takes up premium floor space and requires room around it for cleaning and plumbing. Consider oversplash of water and placement of your drainage. Have the drain placed and the ‘fall’ of the floor directed to a corner hidden beneath your bath.
  1. Even in a modern setting, having a shower over your bath increases available floor space and with a built-in bath you can afford to be more generous in its size.
  1. Mirrors are a great way to visually increase the sense of space, even in a small bathroom design.
  1. Careful planning in a larger space means maximum efficiency. This open plan bathroom has the shower over the generous concrete custom-made bath and the textured walls create a seamless transition, giving the impression of even more space. The raised platform allows for a sunken bath effect.
  1. Recessed shelving keeps things tidy and an entire wall of glass floods the space with light. An excellent solution for when privacy is not an issue.
  1. Covering adjacent walls in different tiles makes for functional decorative design. The patterned tile on both walls might have been too busy, whereas the crisp white reflects light and appears to recede.
  1. This layout is likely the result of the shape of the bordering room, which perhaps has a fireplace. A tricky corner has been put to good use with a narrow access to a corner shower stall.
  1. This small bathroom has cleverly continued the flooring right into the shower and underneath the bath to create a greater surface area. Mosaic tiles expertly camouflage recessed shelving in the shower and above the and a floating shelf offers plenty of bench space. The narrow shower is left open on one side for wriggle room.
  1. The installation of a bulk-head in the ceiling of this shower stall doesn’t box it in as the frameless glass runs the full width and all surrounding surfaces are white. A choice of slimline vanity doesn’t encroach visually.
  1. A combination of bathroom and laundry uses an all-white treatment to leave the space open and streamlined. A waterfall shower head is essential to protect the cabinetry.
  1. This small bathroom design uses white tiles to shower height and continues up the wall in paint to make use of the full ceiling height. A folding shower screen allows easy access at bath time.

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