Why you’re failing at getting on top of your laundry

4 top tips for stylish and functional laundry design
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Washing clothes and bedding is a fact of life that sadly none of us can escape. Some people seem to be more on top of things than others though. If you’re not one of them, we’ve got everything you need with expert tips to get you there.

4 top tips for stylish and functional laundry design
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Once the last room in the house to benefit from the eye of a designer or decorator, efficient laundry design continues to reach new heights in style and functionality as part of your whole home design. With a well-thought-out floor plan to include even a small laundry, there’s simply no excuse for tripping over your ironing board in the middle of the lounge room all week.

4 top tips for stylish and functional laundry design
(Credit: Porter Davis World of Style)

In a home without a dedicated laundrydesign ideas for considered bench spacestorage space, and laundry cupboard inclusions are essential to get dirty clothes clean. Even if your washing machine is in your kitchen or on your back verandah, making enough space available to process your weekly wash will pay enormous dividends – not only for efficiency’s sake, but it might even become a pleasant space to spend time while you work.

4 top tips for stylish and functional laundry design
(Credit: Porter Davis World of Style)

“We’re seeing people think a lot more about their laundry and its style, making sure it replicates the style of the house instead of leaving it as “just a laundry/storage space,” says Porter DavisWorld of Style Interior Designer, Stephanie Atanasovski.

With Marie Kondo and her decluttering, tidying ways taking interiors by storm all over the world, more than ever we are looking to getting rid of our clutter. “Minimal and simple are two trends that come to mind,” says Stephanie, who’s ideal laundry design includes a light timber and white stone look, “with lots of natural light and lots of handy storage”. Stephanie says the key is to ensure even small spaces remain organised and aim to have a clean and easy working space with zero clutter.

Must-haves to take a laundry from fine to fabulous

1. Ample storage with cupboards galore but also some open shelving to open up the space

2. Nifty storage, from a pull-down ironing board to hanging space for all those shirts and hard-to-iron items

3. Natural tones to create a space that blends the outside in

4 top tips for stylish and functional laundry design
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How to design the perfect laundry

1. Colour and finishing is key

“Don’t underestimate how a lick of paint can transform a room,” says Stephanie. “Since the laundry is often a relatively small room, keeping the colour neutral will help create the illusion of space. White and pastel colours on the wall look great in the laundry, as well as soft neutral timber finishes on cabinets.”

“You can also continue the colours you have existing in your kitchen cabinets and bring these into the laundry for consistency. Timber or solid coloured shelving is also a great way to introduce a splash of colour, whilst providing additional storage space.”

2. Functionality should be at the forefront of laundry design

“Consider how to make the best of the space you have, through design and layout. When looking at laundry designs in 2019, I am seeing an emphasis on additional storage space,” says Stephanie. “Drawers, cupboards and shelving make all the difference in keeping a laundry clean and functional.” Think about all of the elements you need to store – from ironing boards to laundry baskets – and find a place for everything. “Hacks for utilising space in the laundry include hanging rails for clothes, shelving along the walls and portable ironing tables that fold away into the wall,” says Stephanie.

4 top tips for stylish and functional laundry design
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3. Think green when purchasing appliances

“It is great to see increasing energy efficient appliances being used in laundries, such as energy efficient washing machines and dryers,” Stephanie observes. “Many washer models now have improved features to minimise laundry time and are able to run on little water. Looking into purchasing energy efficient models will be a worthy investment that you will thank yourself for later.”

4. Feature tiles will brighten up the room

Tiles are necessary for waterproofing your laundry, including in flooring, a splashback around your laundry sink and possibly running around appliances up the walls. “Feature tiles are great for adding style and texture in the laundry,” says Porter Davis World of Style Interior Designer Sarah Newnham. “Have some fun with graphic tiles on the laundry floor,” Sarah suggests. “Marble floor tiles can add texture whilst also bringing an aura of sophistication to the laundry. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with tiles, as long as you balance with neutral colours and tones within the room.”

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