2017 Trend Forecast: Futurology

Bespoke and machine-made techniques merge to deliver intricate details in a glamorous palette of celestial hues
Chris Warnes

Bespoke and machine-made production techniques team up to deliver a graceful look that respects the past while embracing the future. Moulded profiles, sensuous curves and sharp shapes in a restrained palette of celestial hues deliver a polished look that celebrates innovation, texture and craftsmanship. Gold, silver, brass and copper metallics feature in accessories, as threads woven into both fabrics and sculpted furnishings.

A look that speaks of the future yet stays irrevocably now. (Credit: Chris Warnes)

Geometric colours of deepest space, such as bottomless blues, lilac pinks and icy violets take shape against a backdrop of uninterrupted white. 

“Twisted and interlaced materials lend a woven appeal to both hard and soft furnishings throughout this trend”

Rachel Peters, Home Beautiful Senior stylist

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