10 ways to be more sustainable at home

Eco-friendly tips to support our planet.
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When it comes to reducing our impact on the environment, we all have a part to play. Many of the simplest ways to care for the planet start at home, and require little to no financial outlay. If at first the idea of modifying your lifestyle and habits seems overwhelming, start with small steps and setting a clear goal to help direct your focus. 

So whether you choose to reduce your water usage, cut back on your energy consumption, or significantly reduce the amount of single-use-plastic that comes into your home, these ideas will help you make a sustainable and worthwhile change.

Christina Kjaergaard, Commercial Manager at Pure Planet Club, shares her top 10 ways to be more sustainable this year.

1. Put a nozzle on it

Use a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle, or better yet, water plants with a watering can! Ensure sprinklers are set to timers and, if you’re game, place a bucket in the shower and use any water you collect on the garden. Prevent garden moisture loss by mulching garden beds in autumn and spring.

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2. Avoid single-use plastics

Think about your daily routine – are there any moments where you can actively reduce your reliance on single-use plastics? Can you bring a reusable cup to the cafe in the morning? Can you replace a disposable plastic water bottle with an insulated stainless steel cup? When you’re at the shops, consider the following before you buy: how long can it be used? Will it have more than one use? When you’re finished with it, will it end up in landfill?

Beauty products are another common culprit. Think about your toothbrush, hairbrush and other beauty products. Try bamboo options instead. As for cosmetics packaging, TerraCycle recycling programs are operated at many department stores including Mecca, Sephora, Priceline and David Jones. They’ll happily accept empty costmetics constainers for free.

3. Switch to eco-friendly toilet paper

ry options made from 100% plant-based materials like bamboo and sugarcane waste, like Pure Planet Club toilet tissue. Making this simple choice means you save wiping out 27,000 trees which is normally used to make toilet paper per day!

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4. Use the half flush when possible

If you have a dual flush toilet, using the half flush button reduces your water usage which helps to preserve the environment and save money on your water bill – over 15,000 litres of water can be saved annually!

5. Take speed showers

Believe it or not, it is possible to wash your whole body in 4 minutes. Set a timer, do it for a few weeks and soon you will be in the habit of efficient showering. Save water and energy used to heat the water.

6. Use non-toxic cleaning products

There’s no need to resort to harsh chemicals to make your home sparkling clean. When selecting cleaning products look for natural ingredients, recyclable or reusable packaging and multi-purpose products that can replace several single-use products (fewer products = less packaging waste). Natural cleaning products can even be found in your pantry (bicarb soda and vinegar can work wonders). Natural products are healthier for you, and healthier for our planet.

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7. If you’re not using it, switch it off!

It’s amazing how much of your household energy you can save when you’re consciously switching off. Not only will you reduce your electricity bill, you’ll also reduce your impact on natural resources and global warming.

8. Resell and donate items

Vintage items are more popular than ever before. Think twice before tossing something out and adding it to landfill. Try reselling it online, give it to a friend or donate it to a charity organisation.

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9. Stick to water restrictions

Recently some places, including Sydney, have upped their water restrictions. If we all do our bit and save a little, together we’ll make a big difference.

10. Put an end to ‘wish-cycling’

Think because you’ve tossed something into the recycling bin that it’s taken care of? Think again. Educate yourself on what your local council can and can’t recycle. If you’re not sure whether something is recyclable, check the label on the packaging. For tips and inspiration on improving your recycling game, visit on Instagram.

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