Shop: new handmade ceramics from Zakkia

Plant lovers take note! Stunning new range of minimalist vessels


“We drew inspiration from a winter spent in Sweden, where the mornings are icy and the waters frozen”

Sara Lundgren, Zakkia creative director

In keeping with their manifesto to bring us homewares handcrafted with love, Sarah Lundgren and Hollie Paterson spent a winter in Sweden, where the sun barely makes an appearance, returning inspired to create a new range of minimal vases and vessels. This influence is reflected in material choices: frosted hand-blown glass, silver metals and painted ceramics – gorgeous containers ideal for indoor plants.

“There is something exciting about pairing the texture of mouthblown glass with the shiny surface of our silver finish to create a new feel”

Hollie Paterson, Zakkia product designer
New collection from Zakkia | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Zakkia)

Top shelf: ‘Carved’ curved vase in Confetti, ‘Carved’ straight vase in Confetti, ‘Poke’ vase (set of 3)

Second shelf: ‘Tab’ bowl, ‘Speckle’ bowl in White, ‘Handle’ pot in White, ‘Orb Bulb’ vase in Frost, ‘Podium’ pot in White

Floor: ‘Orb Bulb’ vase in Clear, ‘Podium’ pot in Flat White, ‘Podium’ pot in White

Visit Zakkia online or click here for more inspiration.

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