The three appliances you need when living in an apartment

Multi-function appliances are the perfect antidotes for small space living
John Downs

Apartments and small spaces have a limited footprint, but with savvy storage ideas and multi-purpose appliances you can make the most of your home without compromising on comfort. Maximise your space with these clever dual-use appliances.


Washer/dryer combo

Washing machines and dryers can take up a lot floor space. Be smart and invest in a machine that does both. LG’s washer dryer combo machines come in a variety of sizes and can operate quietly which is perfect for apartments. High end models use steam to enhance wash performance, and best yet, can be paused during the wash cycle to add that forgotten sock. And, you can even use your smartphone and an LG App called Smart Diagnosis to help troubleshoot issues.

Microwave oven

Did you know your microwave can do more than just reheat? A microwave oven is the ultimate kitchen space-saving appliance and can be used to defrost, proof, melt, soften and cook. Boil veggies for dinner, reheat pizza for a snack, pop popcorn, proof yoghurt or defrost meat. Top of the range models even include ‘convection’ cooking features so you can even roast chicken or bake a cake… versatile.

Fridge and freezer in one

While most fridges do come as one these days, it’s helpful to think about your combined fridge/freezer requirements.  Consider options such as individual fridge space and freezer space. Do you need a convenient external chilled water dispenser or ice maker and are there any special needs you have for food storage that can be managed with flexible internal designs like adjustable shelving.

Complement your way of living and enhance your home’s style with these time- and space-saving appliances.

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