Three gorgeous pieces made from the most surprising materials

These stunning homewares will teach you not to judge a book by its cover

These everyday pieces of furniture are made from the most surprising materials and are stunning in their design.

Pendant light made from onion waste


(Credit: Cachette)

You’d be forgiven for thinking this pendant looks like it’s been made from concrete, in actual fact, it’s made from onion waste. Rescued, a company dedicated to transforming waste materials into beautiful products, is behind the design. You can get your own at Cachette

Furniture made from seaweed

Designer Nienke Hoogvliet investigated potential uses for seaweed and discovered its value for creating rugs and furniture like the above chair and table. The pieces, made out of seaweed yarn, are sewn by hand then dyed with seaweed to produce an array of different colours.

From newspapers to a table

Designer WooJai Lee has collected old newspapers, turned them into a pulp, mixed it with glue and pressed it into a mould to create the above furniture. Much like wood, the pieces can be joined together to create a large surface and while they have a soft, textile-like surface, they are strong enough to be functional tables. Next, WooJai wants to create wall panels, room dividers and other furniture out of PaperBricks.

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