Four delicious wine + chocolate pairings

We’ll drink to that!

Pairing wine with food makes a lot of sense and while not a classic food combination, if you follow a few simple rules with your chocolate and wine matching you’ll maximise the flavour enjoyment of both. Here are four of our favourite wine and chocolate pairings.

Drinking wine with chocolate makes a great food match, according to experts
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Citrus infused White Chocolate + Grant Burge PNC Sparkling Rosé, $29.00

The Grant Burge Sparkling Rosé pairs beautifully with a white chocolate and citrus infusion. This wine is rich and generous on the palate with a decadently creamy mouth-feel and balanced with a crisp acidity and vibrant fruit flavours. When paired with a zesty white chocolate, these fruity notes are accentuated and the sparkling component of the wine acts as the perfect bubbly compliment, reminding us that this chocolate and wine combo is definitely worth celebrating.

Dark Chocolate with Raspberries + Petaluma White Label Adelaide Hills Cabernet Sauvignon, $29.00

When searching for a wine to pair with a rich, decadent dark chocolate, look no further than the Petaluma White Label Adelaide Hills Cabernet Sauvignon. This medium bodied, elegant, dry red wine displays hints of mint, black berry fruit and cassis with supple tannins on the palate. These abundant berry essences are what pair so well with dark, rich chocolates and when raspberry or other berry flavours are also introduced it makes for deliciously indulgent wine and chocolate pairing.

Milk Chocolate and Sea Salt Caramel + Hardys HRB Pinot Noir, $35.00

As milk chocolate is usually sweet and creamy in structure, it often requires a light to medium bodied wine with ripe fruit character to create the ultimate pairing. Hardys HRB Pinot Noir is a great option given it’s juicy and full of ripe berries on the palate, has fine tannins, and a subtle oak finish. When paired with a milk chocolate with sea salt caramel all the flavours combine to create a balance of creamy texture and poised acidity.

Milk Chocolate Almond + Yarra Burn Vintage King Valley Prosecco, $25.99

Crafted with grapes from the King Valley, this Yarra Burn Prosecco has a vibrant and refreshing palate with enticing pear, peach skin and pistachio flavours. The Yarra Burn Vintage King Valley Prosecco pairs beautifully with almonds and when combined with the creamy rich texture of milk chocolate, the nutty flavours within the wine are highlighted, creating an indulgent match.

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