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How to clean your living room from top to toe in 7 simple steps

Finding it a depressing dumping ground? Do a clean sweep with our checklist!

As one of the busiest rooms rooms in the house, your living room collects so much dust and dirt over time it’s easy to get overlooked as it builds up. A deep clean will freshen your space and leave you with a feeling of satisfaction and renewed comfort to relax in.

1. Dust from top to bottom

Use feather duster or lint-free microfibre cloth and finish with a damp cloth, particularly for high traffic areas such as your entryway if it opens on to your living room and coffee table.  Use a telescopic handle for your cornices, light fittings and high window sills. Another great trick is to use an old pair of socks – one dry for a quick once-over and one damp for harder to shift dust or shiny surfaces.

2. Clean picture frames

Refresh your art display and mirrors by giving the glass in frames a good clean to brighten them up and reflect light around the room. Dust frames lightly or with a damp cloth.

How to clean your living room from top to toe in 7 simple steps | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Marcel Aucar)

3. Freshen up your furniture

Take a good look at your furniture and dust all of the frames, handles, legs and hidey-holes. Vacuum upholstery, then use a damp cloth to wipe away dust. Follow with a suitable furniture polish to bring the timber back to life.

4. Move things around

Take your furniture away from the place it usually sits – even if just a little – to really get in behind and around for a good clean. Vacuum floors and rugs, wipe down walls where furniture sits directly against them and wipe down skirting boards and power points.

5. Roll up the rug

Give your rug a good vacuum on the top, then flip it over and vacuum underneath. Roll the whole rug up and remove to outside – hang over a fence or railing and give it a good whack with a firm broom handle. Leave outside for an airing and meanwhile vacuum the whole floor in and around the usually covered by your rug.

How to clean your living room from top to toe in 7 simple steps | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Derek Swalwell)

6. Address electronics

Cords and cables, speakers and vent holes are where dust really tends to build up. Vacuum with a brush attachment or dust first, then wipe cords clean carefully with a damp cloth. Be sure to go behind the TV and under stacked AV units and set top boxes.

7. Light a candle or essential oil

Finish the job with a freshly scented candle or good quality essential oil such as peppermint, eucalyptus or lavender in a burner to leave a lasting freshness in your beautifully clean room.

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