Your ultimate guide to working from home

Everything you need to know about creating your own work space

If you’ve recently found yourself scrambling to set up a home office space amidst the COVID-19 crisis, you’re not alone. 

Whether you’ve already got a dedicated office or you’re working from the kitchen table, there are myriad ways you can make your space not only look good, but work more efficiently too.

WATCH: This living space flows seamlessly to the outdoor garden – making a nice leafy outlook for a desk set-up. 

Here, we’ve rounded up our best expert tips, styling advice and inspirational spaces to make working from home a better experience for you. 

1. 8 ways to a nifty home office nook

Find a spot to fit in a home office to keep paperwork pristine and clutter controlled.

2. 10 inspirational home offices on Instagram

We’ve rounded up 10 beautiful work spaces around the world.

3. Inside Kerrie Hess’s fabulous home studio

The gorgeous work space of fashion’s favourite illustrator.

4. How to style your home office

Create a beautiful and inspirational space

Home Office
(Credit: John Downs)

5. 7 plants that can survive in the office

Make your space a bit greener with this plants that thrive indoors.

6. 12 finds to instantly spruce up your workspace

Our top picks to perk things up in the décor department to inspire a change for the better.

7. This $29 Kmart product will double your storage space

So many ways to use it!

8. Marie Kondo’s tips on how to spark joy working from home

The queen of organisation shares her secrets.

Home office
(Credit: Chris Warnes)

9. 5 ways to transform your home office

From multi-sensory styling to mood lighting. 

10. A standing desk is the key to a longer life

Is this something you should invest in now? 

11. 7 ways to give your home office personality

How to decorate your work space to suit you and your style. 

12. 12 affordable (and stylish) home office essentials

Our top picks from Kmart, Target, Ikea and Big W.

Home office
(Credit: Brigid Arnott)

13. How to create a healthy home office space

Create a space that looks after your physical and mental health. 

14. 5 smart ways to refresh your office space

Is yours helping or hindering your work?

15. How to hack your home office for winter

As the cooler weather takes hold, how have you cozied up your workspace to keep comfy and fuel the money-making machine?

16. 8 stylish desk chairs

Get comfortable while you’re working from home.

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