How to declutter your home

Four steps for a successful home detox.
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If your home feels like a constant battle to deal with the “stuff that’s everywhere”, you’re in good company on your mission to declutter. Whether they’re renting or becoming owners of their home, the lack of storage is one of the biggest challenges householders face. This can lead to things collecting on surfaces to create unnecessary clutter.

There’s never a better time to streamline your life but it can seem overwhelming and difficult to know where to begin. Here are some quick decluttering tips to get you started!

4 tips for a successful home detox

1. Pace yourself

You don’t want to burn out before you cross the declutter finish line. Divide the house into areas to declutter one by one – such as your wardrobe – then set aside time in blocks at different times each day or week to tackle the clutter.

2. Be aggressive

Look at everything, asking yourself if you truly use and love it. If not, decide how to get rid of it responsibly.

3. Ask a friend to help

Choose someone without emotional or financial attachment who can help declutter your home and provide helpful input, yet be gentle with your feelings.

4. Sleep on it

Then re-evaluate anything you were on the fence about with a clear head on a new day. After some zzzs, it will be easier to let so-so stuff go.

How to declutter your entire home
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A tidy mind helps focus on what’s important – particularly if a lot is happening in your life. Try these quick decluttering tips to help you focus and move forward.

4 tips for a successful brain detox

1. Stop multitasking

When you’re overwhelmed, it’s best to focus on a single task at hand, rather than flitting among all the things that have to happen today. You’ll be more efficient and calm.

2. Take a break

If you’ve been going full speed, try downshifting for just a few minutes with a mindful moment.

3. Concentrate

On what’s in your control right now, like the recyclables piling up in your house – not how you want to find a prettier storage bin to put them in.

4. Say no

Ask yourself which invitations or meeting you can turn down and what tasks you can delegate to others.

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