How to organise your pantry (and keep it organised) for a clutter-free life

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With a quarter of the year almost behind us (where has the time gone?), you might be noticing a slight slip in ambition and motivation for those new years resolutions you set yourself at the top of January. Don’t worry; it’s not just you.

We are here to remind you (and ourselves) that it’s not something to beat yourself up about. With resolutions and goals, there will be ebbs and flows – it’s inevitable. That’s why it’s important to have regular check-ins with yourself to ensure you’re staying on track as much as possible while also giving yourself some slack because that’s only healthy. 

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As they say, we are the product of our environment. If you’re constantly in a cluttered space, chances are, it also reflects the clutter in your mind. So, if you’re following…a neat and tidy space allows for a clear headspace too, and we don’t know about you, but a clear headspace is a goal for most. 

So, if you’ve been waking up in the morning only to be greeted by an over-stuffed, cluttered pantry – this is your sign to tackle the task at hand. Read on for our tips on how to organise your pantry and keep it organised year-round.

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What is the best way to organise a pantry?

Start with a clean slate

It may seem obvious, but the first thing to do when organising your pantry (or any cupboard, for that matter) is to take everything out. This way, you can visualise the real estate within your pantry to start deciding what will go where. 

Thoughtfully categorise levels

When we say ‘thoughtfully’ categorise, we mean taking the time to think about which pantry items should take up which level.

Assuming your pantry has multiple shelves, order your items from ‘most-reached-for’ to ‘least-reached-for’. Once you have this sorted, place all your most-reached-for items at eye level, as close to the front of the cupboard as possible. Further, bulkier and heavier items like large bags of flour (if you’re an avid baker) should make their way to the bottom levels for easy access when needed. 

Having your pantry items organised this way not only means food prep is easier, but it’s also easier to keep your pantry tidy for a longer period of time – it’s a win-win. 

Storage containers

Not revolutionary but very, we repeat, very necessary. Storage containers come in an array of shapes, sizes and colours. Find ones that work well with your space – this is key. Our tip? Make sure the containers are uniform and actually work well with the shape of your pantry. Opting for ill-fitting containers is a surefire way to make your pantry messier rather than more organised.

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How do I maximise pantry space?

On a similar theme of storage containers, finding pantry shelf inserts are a great way to maximise vertical space within your pantry. Also, there are great options (more on this later) for under-shelf storage which is a game-changer in our books. 

Plus, you can also find slimline shelves that stick onto the inside of your pantry door to maximise every inch possible. 

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How do I keep my pantry organised?

Organising your pantry is the first step, but keeping it organised for the year (and beyond)? That’s another story. Here are our tips to ensure your pantry is tidy all year round.

  1. Invest in storage containers that work for your pantry. There is no one-size-fits-all, so really take the time to find the ones you want to invest in
  2. Organise shelves based on the items you reach for the most
  3. Maximise pantry space where possible with vertical storage
  4. Throw things out when they expire (don’t wait)
  5. Clearly label your containers so your pantry organisation system is easy to use for everyone in the household

What are the best pantry organisers to buy?

With your newly-acquired organisation knowledge, we’re here to help you kickstart your pantry organisation goals. Below, we’ve rounded up the best pantry storage containers and organisers to shop.

The best pantry organisers 2023


Neat N’ Tidy 2-tier rotating organiser, $39.96 (usually $49.95), Pullen & Co

A great option to optimise vertical storage within the pantry is by using a two-level organiser like this one from Pullen & Co. Plus, this one is on a swivel that allows it to rotate 360 making the struggle of reaching for sauces, oils or condiments from the back of the pantry a thing of the past.



Stackable hanging metal basket brushed nickel, $31.96 (usually $39.95), Pullen & Co

Another option to maximise vertical space is a hanging basket. Perfect for storing shelf-stable produce like onions or potatoes, as well as zip lock bags and cling film. Plus, these baskets are stackable too.



Habitat Acton metal basket in black (small), $8.95 (usually $14.95), Pillow Talk

Baskets or storage bins go a long way when organising your pantry. These mesh ones are both stylish and practical, simply fill with packaged foods like boxes of cereal, muesli or snack items like chips. Remember to label them too by category to ensure they stay neat and tidy.



EBMO 4-pack plastic food storage container bins, $42.99, Amazon

With removable dividers, these clear food storage bins are a must for smaller food items that often get lost in the depths of a pantry cupboard. Again, remember to label these to ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste.



Expert Homewares 2-tier stainless steel kitchen storage organiser, $69.95 (usually $89.95), Temple & Webster

If space allows, this two-tier organiser is a game changer. Available in black or white to suit most kitchens, you can place it inside or outside your pantry. With its sliding drawer design, it’s perfect for storing your favourite sauces and spices.



Joseph Joseph cupboard store under-shelf spice rack in grey, $23.97 (usually $39.95), Myer

If it wasn’t obvious, we’re big advocates for using up that vertical space within your pantry. Another great under-shelf option is this spice rack by Joseph Joseph. Slimline in its design, you’ll barely know it’s there while it’s hard at work keeping your spices organised.



Sistema Ultra airtight pantry containers (3-pack), $44.50, Amazon

When organising a pantry, it’s hard to shy away from classic airtight storage containers like these ones from Sistema. With glass-like clarity and a sleek design, they’re popular for a reason. 



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