How to organise and transform your wardrobe in six easy steps

Plus, our top picks that you need to add to your wardrobe right now.
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Do you find yourself umm-ing and ahh-ing every morning trying to figure out what to wear, only to find yourself elbow-deep in an unorganised mix of t-shirts, jeans, jumpers – and everything in between? 

It’s probably a sign that you need to refresh and organise your wardrobe – stat. However, knowing where to start is perhaps the most challenging part. 

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Read on to find out how to turn your wardrobe 180 from disorganised to organised in six easy steps.

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Why should I organise my wardrobe?

In case it wasn’t obvious – an organised wardrobe will make a world of difference to your morning routine. Being able to see exactly what clothes you have (no more t-shirts at the back of your drawers, collecting dust) means you’ll get more wear out of your clothes, rather than always reaching for the same grey t-shirt day in, day out. 

Also, it’s a great way to pinpoint which items may be on their way out to your local donation bin.

How to organise your wardrobe

Below are six easy steps to follow to turn your wardrobe into a system that actually works for you.

1) Storage bins

Storage bins are a great way to use up shelving space higher than eye level. They’re a great place to store knitted or bulky jumpers and winter accessories like scarves and gloves during summer. Or, if you use your wardrobe to store extra bath towels, this is an excellent spot for it too. 

Our top picks:


Vue laundry storage basket, $27.96 (usually $39.95), Myer

In a neutral beige check pattern, these storage bins from Myer are sturdy and will look great in your wardrobe. With a bamboo rim, so they’re easy to pull down when you need them, they’re a versatile addition to your wardrobe.



Sherwood Housewares rectangular bamboo laundry hamper, $19.95 (usually $44.95), Temple & Webster

Similar in style, we have this rectangular linen storage bin from Temple & Webster. Equipped with a removable fabric liner for easy cleaning and a flip-top style lid, it will protect (and organise) your prized clothing pieces just nicely.



Green pinstripe storage bags (medium), $29.99, Adairs

Perfect for filling up high shelves in the wardrobe or even under the bed, this storage bag from Adairs is great for storing away off-season pieces. 


2) Over-the-door storage

If you’re tight on real estate in your wardrobe, over-the-door storage options are a game changer. Keeping items off the floor and using up every inch of your wardrobe to its full capacity is key to a beautifully organised wardrobe.

Our top picks:


Evolve Lifeware over the door shoe organiser, $20, Spotlight

Although this over-the-door organiser is advertised for storing shoes, you can also use it to store small accessories like silk scarves, gloves, beanies, belts, and more. 


3) Shoe organisation

Most of us fall into the trap of keeping our shoes either in a tangled mess at the bottom of our wardrobe or we attempt to organise our shoes by placing them in their original shoe boxes…only to realise everything is a mismatched mess. 

Enter: shoe organisers. 

The key to organising anything in your home is finding uniform storage containers, and for shoes, this is no different. So, if you’re ready to tackle the task of organising your shoe collection (after a much-needed declutter), below are some of our top shoe organisers that make a huge difference. 

Our top picks:


Transparent shoe organisers (27-pack), $89.90, Amazon

The art of transparent storage boxes means you can see everything you own at a glance. This pack of 27 shoe storage boxes are perfect for those with a sizeable collection. Plus, they are also are stackable, so you can arrange them in any configuration you like to fit your wardrobe space perfectly.



Home Basics white space saving shoe organisers (set of 2), $19.95, Temple & Webster

If you prefer having your shoes out of boxes, these shoe organisers are perfect. Plus, they’re incredibly space-saving so you can make space for fresh additions. 


4) Hanging storage systems

Similar to over-the-door storage systems, having storage solutions that use up vertical space within your wardrobe is a fail-safe way to keep clothes off the floor. They’re perfect for smaller clothing items like underwear and socks. 

Our top picks:


Amazon Basics hanging 6-tier canvas shelf, $24.85, Amazon

Basic but does wonders for your wardrobe is this six-tier hanging closet shelf from Amazon. Easy to set up, easy to use and surprisingly sturdy, you can’t go wrong with one (or two) of these in your wardrobe.


5) Drawers

Perfect for walk-in wardrobes, or if you’re able to give up some hanging space in your wardrobe for pull-out drawers, we’d definitely recommend a drawer system within your wardrobe. Plus, they’re vital for storing delicate garments that are prone to stretching when hung. Taking care of your clothes does not end in the laundry room, storing them correctly is just as important.

Our top picks:


Sherwood Housewares Luna 5 drawer chest, $89.95 (usually $109), Temple & Webster

Available in cream or charcoal colourways, this five-drawer chest is great to have on display in the bedroom or inside your wardrobe. With a wooden platform on top, it’s a great spot to display accessories like jewellery, watches, brooches, and more. 


6) Hangers 

There are a variety of hangers to choose from – wooden hangers for heavy items like winter coats, velvet hangers for lightweight pieces, hangers designed for bottoms, and much more. With the wide variety of clothing pieces in our collection, it makes sense that the hangers we use mirror this. Opting for a variety of different hangers that work for a multitude of clothing items is key. 

Our top picks:


Adjustable 6-in-1 pants hangers (2-pack), $49.99, Amazon

If you have the capacity and space, we’d recommend hanging your bottoms. It makes it easy to see all your options in an instant, making the task of choosing your outfit in the morning an easy one. These hangers from Amazon feature an adjustable rod that makes putting your pants on and off the hangers super easy. Plus, its space-saving design is a great bonus.



Amazon Basics slim velvet clothes hangers (50-pack), $52.85, Amazon

When hanging up singlets and blouses, you can’t go wrong with a sleek velvet hanger. This pack of 50 from Amazon is affordable and comes in various colours to suit your preference.


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