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3 ways to nail that outside-in vibe at home

Blur the line between inside and out

Your home shouldn’t end at its exterior walls – have it flow out into the garden. That outside-in vibe continues to be a top trend in homes, and it’s not hard to see why. In addition to maximising living space, we’d much rather breathe in the fresh summer air than feel cooped up indoors. To transform your outdoor area so it feels like its own roofless room, try these three tips.

1. Opt for a modern decking style

Forget the cost, planning and stress of an extension – instead, make your deck feel like it’s part of the house. A contemporary-looking deck material, like HardieDeck, can bridge that gap between the outside and in. Made from a premium fibre cement (so it’s super durable) and available in a range of colours, it creates a more seamless transition than a traditional timber deck. Its wide, gap-free boards mirror your interior flooring style, and its clever installation system means there are no visible screws so the look is clean and you can comfortably walk on it barefoot. The soft and muted tone of HardieDeck’s most popular shade, Shale Grey, is a good option for the feeling of a relaxing oasis. If you want a more energised and vibrant space, try a rich charcoal shade – plants and colorful accents will pop in contrast. To see all the HardieDeck colour options, visit hardiedeck.com.au – there’s also a price estimate tool.

A timber deck creates a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors
(Credit: Armelle Habib)

2. Add an outdoor living room

Forget the patio furniture, you want an outdoor haven that has all the home comforts of a real living room; somewhere you can happily sit and stay a while. A weather-proof sofa is a must, but when it comes to choosing the right one, think about what you have inside and pick something complementary. An outdoor rug will help define the space and give it that homely touch.

Furnish your outdoor area as you would your living room
(Credit: Armelle Habib)

3. Make the outside match the inside

Flow your design choices from inside to your backyard. Keep the colour palette and the style the same, but don’t be afraid to embrace nature-inspired prints like floral and foliage – it’s a balancing act between complementing your interior and embracing the natural scenery so your styling doesn’t look out of place. Counteract that rugged outdoor feel with cosy touches, like soft throws, textured cushions and gold or silver decorative accents (bonus: they glisten in the sunlight!).

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