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Outdoor expert guide to decorative screens

Great ideas to give your outdoors an instant update
Form follows function
Sue Stubbs

Divide and conquer – with new styles and finishes constantly coming on the market, create outdoor magic with a decorative screen in your garden.

Outdoor screen | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Punch and purpose (Credit: Sue Stubbs)

Not only decorative, screens are easy to install and can work hard on the layout of your outdoor space. This ‘Washington’ privacy screen from QAQ is made from compressed hardwood and painted bright red to deliver maximum impact. 

Bohemian basking (Credit: Armelle Habib)

Your choice of screen can work as a decorative element in an outdoor setting so choose a design that  reflects your overall scheme. This pretty patterned screen forms a cosy corner backdrop to the daybed, layered with richly coloured cushions and Moroccan lanterns in easy boho style.

Outdoor decorating | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Keep it real (Credit: GORTA YUUKI)

Plants can form a natural decorative screen when trained along wires or espaliered to cover a wall. This fence forms a sturdy structure softened by climbing vines, which will eventually fill out and improve the effect of the vertical garden.

Instant impact (Credit: Jody D’Arcy)

Mounted onto a crisp white wall, these decorative outdoor sculptures make a visual impact, will stand up to the weather and give this chill-out zone an extra dimension.

Form follows function (Credit: Sue Stubbs)

In a clever use of space, this metal screen borrows from the adjoining room and covers a recess in the wall created by the large window. With the added benefit of protecting the glass from errant pool volleyballs, colour, texture and functionality combine in a statement piece anchored by raised planters.

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