Before & after: How to paint your barbecue

Bring the exterior surfaces of your rusty old barbie back to life with purpose-made metal paints

When the weather is sunny and glorious, outdoor entertaining at your place isn’t complete without your nearest and dearest gathered around a sizzling barbecue.

But if the painted casing and legs of your barbie are looking a tad worn and rusty, this can not only have an impact on cooking performance, the whole thing can quickly become an eyesore in your outdoor zone.

The good news? If it’s surface rust you’re dealing with, you absolutely don’t need to consign your barbecue to the council clean up. You can take the time to restore the exterior surfaces to like-new condition with purpose-made paint products and it will retain its sheen for years to come. Here’s your DIY guide.

Barbecue transformation

Gather your supplies

Here’s how

Step 1 Remove loose rust and dirt with wire-bristle brush.

Step 2 If necessary, prepare a solution of household detergent and warm water in a bucket. Wearing gloves, wash down the legs and casing of the barbecue using a scrubbing brush or scourer to dislodge hard-to-budge grease. Rinse well with clean water. Let dry thoroughly.

Step 3 Put the barbecue on a drop sheet in a well-ventilated position.

Step 4 Apply the paint directly to the metal, including the areas with surface rust. Here, the shield and legs were painted in Hammerite Barbecue Paint in Matt Black (which can resist temperatures up to 600ºC) and the upper and lower shelves were restored with Hammerite Direct To Metal Paint Hammered Finish in Dark Green. Let dry.

Tips for you

  • For barbecue parts that can be dismantled, you may find it easier to lay each casing/shield and leg component on a drop sheet, spray or paint with a brush, let dry, then reassemble.
  • If parts cannot be dismantled, protect surfaces you don’t wish to paint with masking tape and newspaper, then spray or paint with a brush. Let dry, then repeat the process to paint all sections.
  • These paints are not suitable for coating stainless steel or surfaces that you cook on, such as the hotplate and grill.
  • Always take the time to read and follow the product instructions carefully.
Before (Credit: Supplied by Hammerite)
After (Credit: Supplied by Hammerite)

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