Small Backyard Ideas

How to style up a small garden and make it feel bigger

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to style
Cath Muscat

Regardless whether you rent or own your home, most people are aware that backyards aren’t the sprawling picturesque gardens of the past. Instead, most plots of land are almost entirely filled by the house itself, leaving a small green patch to call your own.

Lyndall Keating of Garden Society is one of Sydney’s leading garden designers and horticulturists. She firmly believes that every garden can be made beautiful, regardless of the available space. These are her top tips for styling your small garden s that it feels bigger.

1. Grow vertically

“A green wall will provide a powerful punch of greenery without compromising too much valuable space. They can be easy to maintain with carefully selected plants.”

2. Cluster your pots

“Depending upon the size of the balcony, courtyard or garden, clustering pots together can soften hard surfaces, be used to develop varying styles of plant palettes and offer some screening for privacy if required.”

How to style up a small garden and make it feel bigger
(Credit: John Paul Urizar)

3. Use furniture and lighting wisely 

“With the correct proportions, functional furniture, stylish privacy screens and clever lighting can make even the smallest of outdoor spaces can become an urban oasis.”

“When designing for a small space, choose furniture which gives the illusion of more space. Selecting a thinner frame in seating or smaller BBQ can have a big impact.”

4. Layer up

“Using layers can give the illusion of depth to a small space, try adding an outdoor rug or add a statement plant that is visually interesting.”

How to style up a small garden and make it feel bigger
(Credit: John Paul Urizar)

5. Which plants to choose and how to plant them

“When selecting plants for smaller spaces, how they are planted is equally as important for space conservation and visual effect. Layering lots of plants in pots creates high interest and a visual illusion of depth. Use succulents in layered pots or in a lush vertical garden is the perfect easy-care solution. Mixed herb bowls offer an attractive and functional element to all smaller spaces.”


This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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