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Before and after: Increase your street appeal

Use home-isolation to add serious curbside value to your home

We’re silver-lining kind of people…. which is why we’re loving this transformed home façade.

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The owners made a few tweaks, that didn’t cost a packet, and increased the street appeal considerably. The result? This typical 90s brick home was transformed into a modern luxe seaside retreat. 

How to do it? Read on…

Before renovation
Before: Beige and boring (Credit: Bunnings)

The paint

Put down the hammer and saw. You don’t need it for this makeover. The biggest ‘facelift’ effect is thanks to the paint. The owner opted for a light-grey to go with the ‘Coastal Luxe’ look . This is a particularly good choice if you’re working with light-coloured nineties bricks. If you are DIYing at home, make sure it’s the right type of paint for outdoors.

After facade
After: A lick of paint and garden refresh can transform your homefront. (Credit: Bunnings)

The budget

You don’t need to spend a small fortune transform your home’s street appeal. And you don’t need to get professional painters to do the job for you. Using a paint sprayer gun to do it yourself is an easy, cost-effective way to add instant buyer appeal to your house. Check out the Bunnings How to paint your house exterior video for great painting tips. You can also use the Bunnings paint calculator to estimate the cost to DIY paint.

Your materials and budget should also account for:

  • Bucket
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paint respirator
  • Paint sprayer
  • Paint stirrer
  • Painters tape
  • Safety glasses
  • Water
Something missing? Yes, that is a professional painter. (Credit: Bunnings)

The garden

Grass was greened up and brought back to life using lawn fertilisers. Overgrown Yukka plants were removed to make way for a minimalistic but pretty garden look. “A cheap and easy way to improve instant appeal to your buyers is to consider what the property looks like on arrival,” explains Bushy Martin, author of Get Invested and an award-winning property investment specialist. “Think about the garden, landscaping and maintenance. A low maintenance garden that is not overgrown, cluttered or busy can add value to your home. Transforming the garden into a clean, green, fresh space with instant buyer appeal.”

before house facade
Before: the 90s red brick home was desperate for a little makeover. (Credit: Bunnings)

The driveway

Forget the red carpet, for seaside street appeal, a lick of nautical grey’s contrasted against a white wash garage door will add that ‘new sparkle’ and luxe style to your dwelling.

The brick walls

Transform brick walls advancement to your property into inviting botanical feature walls. Add colourful seasonal flowers to pots, a plentiful passionfruit vine or herbs to bring the wall to life.

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