Easy Tiramisu

A classic Italian dessert for a little indulgence.
Nicky Ryan

Elegant simplicity is served in sweet single portions with this easy tiramisu recipe. With the classic combination of coffee, Frangelico and Kahlua liqueurs, it’s the perfect way to finish a dinner party – light, flavoursome and with a little coffee kick! Choose your favourite drinking glasses to serve so the layers are visible, or make it extra special and fill espresso cups or your best fancy cocktail glasses for an even more impressive display!




Beat egg yolks and sugar in the large bowl of an electric mixer for 5 minutes or until pale and creamy. Add marscapone and cream and beat until beginning to thicken. Transfer mixture to a large bowl.


Clean bowl and beaters. Beat eggwhites in the small bowl of the electric mixer until soft peaks form. Add to cream mixture and gently fold through until combined.


Combine coffee, Frangelico and Kahlua in a bowl. Dip 1 sponge finger at a time into coffee mixture then set aside.


Break 2 sponge fingers into the bottom of 6 x 1½ cup-capacity individual glasses. Top with 3 spoonfuls of cream mixture. Repeat with another layer of dipped sponge fingers and egg mixture. Put in the fridge for 2 hours or overnight.


To make chocolate shavings, run a large sharp knife at a 20-degree angle along the back of the block of chocolate. Top each tiramisu with shavings.

Easy tirimisu recipe
(Credit: Nicky Ryan)

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