10 no-cost easy updates

That wont break the bank
Armelle Habib

Simple ideas to breathe new life into every corner of your home.

Just like a renovation but for a fraction of the cost, here are 10 easy and affordable updates that will change the way you live in your spaces, but wont cost the earth.

1. As it’s often the largest piece in a room, a new rug is an instant decor game-changer. there’s a vast selection of different styles, colours and sizes to suit every budget – just ensure your choice is big enough to extend under the front feet of your sofas and armchairs to avoid it looking like a in a sea of floor.

2. For a Scandi-inspired update, drape a sheepskin hide – ethically sourced, of course – over a favourite armchair or sofa. Try long-haired Icelandic sheepskins, from $125 each, through Society of Wanderers.

3. Clean those windows to make living spaces feel lighter and the outlook more vibrant.

4. Tired upholstered furniture can be given a lift with new fabric, but it’s usually only worth it if your existing piece is in good condition. For a quick fix, a beautiful throw placed across a worn arm or tucked around the seat can work wonders.

5. Repaint! Sounds obvious, we know, but paint can fade or discolour over time: even redoing your walls in the same shade can make the whole room feel fresher. If time is limited, tackle the woodwork and buy a sample pot in your main colour to touch up scuffs.

6. Use floor and table lamps to create zones in an open-plan living area. “Lighting helps define intimate moods within a larger space,” says Vanessa Cribb from Indigo Jungle Interior Styling.

7. Consider laying floating timber floors. “Flooring alone can change the face of a home,” says Interior Designer Suzanne Gorman. “It brings the greatest rewards in terms of looks and increased value of the property.”

8. Make an open fireplace a central feature by adding a stone or tiled hearth. Dress up any brickwork by rendering it or simply painting it white, grey or black.

10 no-cost easy updates | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Armelle Habib)

9. For a laid-back, Californian boho vibe, slightly overlap a number of patterned rugs or kilims. Two favourites from Byron-based Tigmi Trading: ‘Pocahontas’ Azilal rug, $1500 and ‘Baby Love’ Boujad rug, $1600.

10 no-cost easy updates | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Tigmi Trading)

10. Change up your table lamps by investing in new shades or recovering existing ones. Sydney-based No Chintz is a treasure-trove of fabrics, and also makes customised lampshades.

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