5 top tips from real-life renovators

Thinking about renovating? Then, read this first
Armelle Habib

We love a renovation here at Home Beautiful and know that things don’t always go to plan. Here are some top tips (and wise words) from some of HB’s cleverest renovators: 



Wood combine with brass in this beautiful, warm kitchen.
(Credit: Armelle Habib)

1. “Plan well, make your decisions early and stick to them. Have a clear brief, and have confidence in your architect.” – Sarah, Melbourne 

2. “Don’t be frightened to put your own stamp on the home.” – Richard, Melbourne 

3. “Experts, especially when it comes to construction project management and interior design may seem expensive, but engaging them at the beginning of your project more than pays for itself.” – Robyn, Brisbane

Choose tiles and fixtures early to make a renovation easier.
(Credit: Annette O’Brien)

4. “Great placement of windows can be more important than quantity… It’s also great to incorporate a strip of louvres alongside sliding doors. That way, you can close off an area when needed, yet still get the breeze.” – Bec, Sunshine Coast

5. “Don’t let it rule your life. Spending time with your husband or wife and family far outweighs the importance of doing up your house.” – Kirsten, New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty


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