A Japanese bar made entirely from recycled material

Kamikatz Public House along with its general store and brewery are made entirely from rubbish.
RISE & WIN Brewing Co. BBQ & General Store

RISE & WIN Brewing Co. BBQ & General Store is located in Kamikatsu, Japan, which is committed to zero waste and currently recycles 80 precent of its rubbish and aims to reach 100 precent over the next few years.


The building isn’t just sustainable and environmentally friendly, it also looks pretty edgy. In fact, the architects Hiroshi Nakamura and NAP were awarded the WAN Sustainable Buildings Award 2016.

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(Credit: RISE & WIN Brewing Co. BBQ & General Store)

Everything from the brewery, pub, living space and shop have been created from reclaimed materials.


“To make the pub a local symbol when looking up from the town, the windows comprising fittings from abandoned houses were set eight metres high. We gathered windows that illuminated the town in the past and dedicated our wish that they would serve as a lantern of hope to shine upon the town struggling with a declining population,” reads a statement on the WAN site.


Even the beautifully decorated insides of the pub are made from recycled materials – old furniture such as bridal chests and farm equipment were repurposed to serve as display fixtures and the chandelier was made from old bottles and floor tiles.


This just goes to show, ‘out with the old in with the new’ isn’t always the best or most stylish approach.

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