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5 tips that will help you save time and money when renovating your bathroom

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When it comes to renovating, even though they’re often one of the smallest spaces, bathrooms are actually one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. From fixtures to plumbing and everything in between every little bit adds up. Here is our guide on how to get the luxe look for less money and time in five simple steps.

Mood boards

Sometimes renovating can feel like you’re walking in the dark, having a clear mood board from the get-go ensures clear continuity between both yourself and the experts. Don’t worry about making it perfect, use inspiration from a myriad of muses. Take for example, the mood board that Saul Meyers and the Home Beautiful team created for his Moroccan inspired kids’ bathroom, it made the decision-making process simple and clear for everyone.


Budget better

Budget, budget, budget. We cannot stress how important it is to have a clear budget in place before starting any kind of reno’. Budget blowouts are one of the most common reasons why renovations fail to finish or miss the mark. Our advice? Give yourself a buffer of at least 10 per cent for those hidden extra costs that even seasoned renovators don’t see coming. And track every single one of your expenses from the outset.

Plan of attack

Having a clear and strategic plan will not only help you cut down on time but it will also increase your likelihood of sticking to your original timelines. Before you begin, set yourself some rough milestones and deadlines, this will ensure that you don’t dwindle on decisions for days. If “decision fatigue” is a regular occurrence in your household, aim to make a couple at a time rather than them all at once, or alternatively call in the experts for a stress-free experience.

Luxury finishes

Fixtures will generally chew up to half of your renovation budget alone. That said, they have to stand the test of time and daily use, so opt for quality and they’ll save you money in the long run. In this case, the Home Beautiful team used Caroma’s Contura collection in both bathrooms, opting for the matt black finish in the family bathroom and chrome in the master ensuite.

Interior’s expert Wendy Moore agrees: “You can choose all of your tapware from the same collection, without sacrificing personality, just by changing out the finishes. That’s a time and stress saver.”

Front and centre

Bathrooms are often small spaces so it is important not to overcrowd them with lots of contradicting and loud features. Pick one, whether it is a feature wall, loud and high-impact tiles (like the Morrocan tiles used in the kid’s bathroom) or a free-standing bath (like Caroma’s Contura Solid Surface Freestanding Bath in the ensuite.) Have a centrepiece gives the room a focus and helps create a sense of space.

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