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Backlit mirrors: Everything you need to know

Enhance your bathroom with this luxurious addition

Backlit mirrors are one of the hottest bathroom trends at the moment.

Beautiful and functional, this item will give your bathroom the luxe-feel it deserves.

Benefits of backlit mirrors

Installing a backlit mirror is the perfect way to give your bathroom a 5-star upgrade.

The streamlined look of an integrated LED mirror exudes a sense of luxury while significantly brightening up your bathroom,” says Wesley Sinclair, a brand specialist at Highgrove Bathrooms.

Implementing a backlit mirror can create an illusion of increased space, with task lighting.

The look of your vanity will be enhanced through the softer lighting aesthetic that a backlit mirror offers.

Backlit mirrors are also incredibly versatile and compatible with any wall type.

backlit mirror 2
The Reflekta LED Round Pencil Edge Mirror 700mm, $339 (Credit: Highgrove Bathrooms)

Choosing the right backlit mirror

The size and shape of the mirror should compliment your bathroom design and space.

Selecting a mirror as wide as your vanity is ideal, and increased height will also provide optimal angles. 

Quality is also key when it comes to a backlit mirror. 

You’ll want to ensure that the mirror is both durable and safe to use.

“The dynamic LED mirrors at Highgrove Bathrooms are made from environmentally friendly, copper-free backing for greater moisture tolerability and recycling properties,” says Sinclair.

backlit mirror
Osca Ceiling Height Timber Mirrored Cabinet 600mm, $269.00 (Credit: Highgrove Bathrooms)

Installing a backlit mirror

The beauty of a backlit mirror is that any wall can hold it.

The backlit mirror can be installed using a simple hook, nail and anchor process, however, it must be installed by a licensed electrician.

Incorporating the LED lights involves a standard hardwire installation by an electrician.

“Make sure you give the installation instructions to your electrician for reference to ensure it’s put in correctly,” says Sinclair.

For safety, do not install the backlit mirror within 1.2m of your shower or bath.

The process is no different for two mirrors, provided you have accounted for enough space in the bathroom.

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