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Bathroom renovations: Top regrets first-time renovators have

Expert tips to help make sure you get it right the first time.
Armelle Habib

Renovating your home is a big job, so getting it right the first time is important. Bathroom renovations can be particularly challenging as the fixtures and fittings are secured firmly in place early in the build and it can be costly to change things once they have been installed.

This is one room where function trumps form every time. No matter how luxe the layout or how elegant your new bathtub is, plumbing and drainage diagrams need careful measurement and consideration from the outset. Ultimately the goal is to ensure your choices in tapware and accessories bring character and comfort and the best-prepared renovators will have designs settled upon and items sourced and at the ready for when tradespeople reach for them.

Some renovators learn this the hard way. To avoid bathroom renovating pitfalls, Josh Mammoliti, Managing Director, The Blue Space shares four common regrets people have after renovating their bathroom.

hamptons inspired bungalow upper north shore guest bathroom quartzite vanity
Bold design choices make a statement in this elegantly restored 1930s bungalow in Sydney’s Upper North Shore. (Photography: Chris Warnes / Styling: Lucy Gough)

Four common bathroom renovation regrets

1. Going over budget

Setting a budget is an important first step before you begin your bathroom renovations. What’s even more important is sticking to it. “You need to know your boundaries, along with knowing what you really want to achieve with your renovation,” says Josh. Failing to do this could mean not being able to fully enjoy your new bathroom because of how much it ended up costing.

2. Attempting DIY 

Sure, you can teach yourself just about anything on YouTube these days, but that doesn’t mean you should put your new skills into practice. Josh says, “The attractiveness of a DIY price tag and potential satisfaction of doing a job ourselves can sometimes over run our abilities.” Doing so could end up costing you more in the long run. “Keep in mind that often when attempting to do a specialist trade job yourself, you will end up spending more in the end because getting the specialists to fix up mistakes comes with a high cost,” says Josh. 

3. Mismatched bathroom

Just because something looks like it works on Pinterest and Instagram doesn’t mean it will translate in your bathroom. If you aren’t sure, get a professional, or a second opinion. 

4. Having unrealistic expectations 

Renovating a bathroom involves hiring lots of different tradespeople, so at the very least allow for delays. “It’s good to have your expectations at the right level when it comes to renovations,” says Josh. “Remember The Block isn’t real life; there are so many trades in the process, so lining up trades perfectly will always be a problem.”

“Make sure you choose colours and tones that are timeless, not jarring. If you get stuck, look at bathroom packages available for inspiration,”

Josh Mammolti, The Blue Space
Hamptons cottage Southern Highlands
Fixtures and fittings in this grand cottage in the Southern Highlands emulate the style of Hamptons homes. (Credit: Photography: Abbie Melle / Styling: Lisa Burden)

Try these:


Marquis wall-hung vanity, The Blue Space

$1377 (usually $1620)

A streamlined vanity hung on the wall gives the illusion of space and hides away the mess of daily grooming.


Fienza Elenor gooseneck basin mixer, The Blue Space

$254 (usually $299)

Simple elegance in a glossy chrome finish, this elegant mixer is at home in bathrooms of all styles, from Hamptons to modern country.


Eglo Palmera wall light, The Blue Space


The latest trend to include wall lights in the bathroom combines style with functionality in one fixture. This double-ended brass is as efficient with space as it is beautiful!


White ‘Andrea’ subway tile in Textural Gloss, The Blue Space


Timeless and tough, the humble subway tile can be laid in countless designs to achieve your desired look. Check out our tile pattern explainer for some fresh ideas.


Fienza Reba ceramic above counter basin, The Blue Space


A round basin brings a welcome curve into play when mounted above your bathroom vanity and allows you to play with different styles of tap, from wall-mounted to gooseneck and classic mixers.

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