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How to get a bath bomb experience in the shower

Love the sensation of a good soak but don't have a tub?
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Not all of us have the luxury of a bath in our home but fear not, this conundrum has been solved with a genius idea that gets us as close as possible to the real thing.

One company is bringing the best bits of a bath bomb to the shower.

Etsy maker Denise of ApothecaryBeautyCo has tweaked her much-loved rose bath bomb recipe. These fizzies have extra geranium essential oil instead of almond oil or Epsom salt “so you won’t slip in the shower,” she says.



Shower fizzies use steam to bring the luxury of bath time pampering to the shower with their rose-scented baby bombs designed for use without a bathtub. What you do get is extra natural rose fragrance from extra geranium essential oil. What better way to start your day?! 

All you need to do is place the rose- or lavender-scented steamers on the floor of the shower and the hot water will melt them and release the scent. Got a cold? Try the inspired sinus relief shower steamers with eucalyptus and menthol to ease coughing and congestion naturally. Then simply relax and soak in the aromatherapy. Genius!

If you have got a bath though and it’s often filled with energetic kids, go for a new take on an old-school favourite with the adorable ‘Fizzy Ducks’ calming bath fizzies!

This particular brand is taking a short break right now according to Etsy but scroll down for some alternate options that work just as well. 


Comfort Zone Shower Bomb, $5.50, Lush


Glowbomb, Fake Tan removing Bath Bomb, $18.99, Glowdry Australia


Soap & Glory Fizz-A-Ball Bath Bombs $7, Mecca


‘Sometimes and rose is just a rose’ Shower Steamers Bomb by deKruiderij $10.26, Etsy


OUAI Chil Pills Bath Bombs, $51, Sephora


Maya bath bomb in Tahitian Vanilla, $12.95, Ishka

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