Five ways to make your home more energy efficient

Save on heating and cooling with our tips to make your home more energy efficient

Simple fixtures like window coverings, soft flooring and your garden can make all the difference in your home’s ability to retain heat. Scrap the heater and extra jumper and try these five simple ideas instead.

Blinds and vertical screens

Adding blinds or screens are great ways to reduce heat loss. Keep them up during the day to let the sun in to warm your space then lower them before the sun goes down to trap the heat inside.


If your home extends to an outdoor entertaining area, an awning can really make a difference during summer. It’s also ideal if you don’t want to use heavy window coverings, as the awning will block the sun’s rays.

Roller shutters

Much thicker and stronger than blinds, external shutters are another way to keep your home comfortable. Automatic closure of your shutters at dusk can save up to 10 percent on heating bills. We’re loving Somfy’s motorised shutter solutions, which can be installed with your blinds and, depending how they’re set up, can be customised to roll up and down at specific times without you having to do anything. During summer, they’re great to keep the sun out and your home cool. Opt for a sun sensor as this will tell your shutters when to roll up or down.


A clever garden layout can also help to maximise your home’s warmth. Keep hedges trimmed and trees cut to allow the sun to reach your home. Alternatively during summer, let trees grow so their trunks catch the sunshine and keep your home cool.


A soft floor covering can make all the difference on cold tiles or concrete and can help prevent heat loss through the floor.


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