Home of the future: This eco-friendly house moves with its owner

An eco-friendly, two-storey home that can be packed up and taken with you
Kodasema / Paul Kuimet

Estonian design company Kodasema has come up with a brilliant solution for anyone who enjoys a regular change of scenery. They created a tiny house that can be taken apart, packed up and reassembled in any place, at any time.

(Credit: Kodasema)

The 23-square metre abode is called Koda and features a bathroom, a lounge room, a kitchen, a terrace and even a set of stairs that leads to the bedroom on the upper level. 

And it doesn’t stop there. The home, which is built from sustainable materials, is pretty much self-contained and ‘green’ boasting solar panels on the roof, thin but well-insulated walls (with a U value of 0.1 W/m²K), quadruple glazing to conserve temperature and innovative LED lighting and architecture that makes maximum use of sun. 

(Credit: Kodasema)

The futuristic construction also comes with connection points for water, electricity and sewerage, perfect for a city set-up. 

The best part? Dismantling and preparation for transport takes as little as four to seven hours. 

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