House Rules Grand Final: Pete & Courtney crowned 2019 champions

The Melbourne couple scored an amazing 29/30

Dance teachers Pete and Courtney walked away with $250,000 and a fully transformed home and garden after scoring a near-perfect 29/30 on the House Rules Grand Final.

The Grand Final challenge was to create a luxury loft in just seven days, following five ‘House Rules’ set by the judges, with their score deciding the winner.

The couple beat chippie brothers Tim and Mat who also scored well, with 27/30 from the judges. Lisa and Andy came in just behind at 26/30.

House Rules

Jamie Durie was full of praise for the couple, saying: “That walkway was absolutely extraordinary. The dining table, I was so impressed that you designed that yourselves.”

House Rules

LLB gave Pete and Courtney a perfect 10 saying they “weaponised posh” in the dining room and he loved their “delicious” bathroom, proclaiming “I’m going to be ripping this bathroom off for years to come.”

“I loved Pete and Courtney’s bathroom,” Wendy added. “It was such a great floor plan and fabulous choices of finishes.”

House Rules
House Rules

Wendy also said that their work was “nothing short of perfection.”

“What you delivered in this Grand Final proved you earned your place,” she added.

House Rules
House Rules

At Homebase, Courtney told host Johanna Griggs through tears “I don’t have any words.”

“It is completely numbing; it has been a rough ride and an amazing ride,” Pete said.

“We just can’t wait to go home to a beautiful, beautiful house that these five amazing teams did for us. We are so grateful.”

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