House Rules: Meet the teams

Hammers at the ready!

Reality renovation series House Rules is back for its sixth season and there’s a whole new bunch of people ready to take on the challenge. Get to know the seven brave teams before they hit your screens… 

Chiara & David, WA

Stay-at-home mum and hairdresser Chiara, 32, describes her marriage to fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) worker hubby David, 38, as “explosive.” “I dare say there will be ups and downs,” she said. The couple, who have three kids, Seth, 8, Taya, 6, and Ellie Mae, 3, are ready for a change in their “old, run-down” brick home. “[The] bathroom is falling apart, [the] kitchen is so small and there is no room at all in this house,” David said.

House Rules Season 6 - meet the teams
Spirited spouses Chiara and David

Kim & Michelle, NSW

At 59 years old, sales assistant Kim worries that her age could be a 
disadvantage. “I am the oldest in the competition,” she said. But, her daughter and teammate Michelle, 27, doesn’t think so. When asked what her strength will be, Michelle replied, “My Mum.” Michelle, mum to daughters Bella, 7, and Aaliyah, 6, is more worried about the work. “I am going to struggle with the lack of sleep and the physical tasks.”

House Rules Season 6 - meet the teams!
Mother and daughter duo Kim and Michelle

Mel & Dave, QLD

Married couple Mel and Dave, who have been together for 15 years, both know who wears the pants in their relationship: Mel. 
“With Dave working away [as a FIFO driller on a coal-seam gas 
site] for the majority 
of our relationship, 
I have become too independent and take on everything on my own,” she said. This could ultimately be their undoing in the competition: not! Mel believes her “biggest challenge [in House Rules] will be to let go 
of sole responsibility 
of problems and allow Dave to help me.”  The couple, who are parents of sons Westin, 5, and Billy, 3, do have one thing on their side: they’re both extremely determined. “I am very competitive,” Dave said. “I can make a game out of anything. Growing up with two brothers, everything was a competition.”

House Rules Season 6 - meet the teams!
Mel is the boss in this relationship!

Kristie & Leigh, VIC

Melbourne-based couple Kristie, 36, and Leigh, 34, have a slight advantage in the competition. “My husband is 
a chippy,” said Kristie. “And we have 
built before. We’ve also helped our sister-in-law and brother-in-law build, too.” A stay-at-home mum to Kobe, 6, 
and Billie, 3, Kristie thinks that their relationship won’t be affected by the stress of House Rules. “Our marriage 
is very strong and always will be,” she 
said. “We understand the pressure the show puts on you but can see past 
that.” The couple, who enjoy surfing 
in their downtime, are sure to stir up some trouble. “We’re competitive, 
very competitive,” Kristie said. Leigh 
adds: “We’re here to do whatever 
it takes to win.”

House Rules Season 6 - meet the teams!
Leigh and Kristie are sure to make waves in the competition

Mandy & Toad, NSW

Dairy farmer Toad, 32, and his beauty-therapist fiancée, Mandy, 28, are confident that House Rules won’t strain their relationship. “We came as a team and we will leave as a team,” Toad said. For Mandy, leaving their 1-year-olds, Lenny and Layla, will be the toughest part. “We haven’t spent any time away from our twins in the past year, so this will be challenging for us,” she said.

House Rules Season 6 - meet the teams!
Team players Toad and Mandy

Josh & Brandon, QLD

Born just 18 months apart, brothers Josh, 23, (bottom left) and Brandon, 21, are also best friends. 
The boys, who hail from country Queensland, are excited about having their home renovated 
by the other teams. “This will be the biggest thing to hit Maryborough since sliced bread!” Josh said. While both Josh and Brandon are carpenters, they aren’t completely confident 
in their styling skills. “We have absolutely no decorating or styling experience,” said Brandon. “To be honest, I’ve never even bought a piece
 of furniture before.”

House Rules Season 6 - meet the teams!
Novice brothers Josh and Brandon

Jess & Jared, SA

Teacher Jess, 25, refuses to move in 
with her former professional AFL player boyfriend, Jared, 28, until his “lad pad” 
is renovated. “Each room has its issues from mould to leaking ceilings,” she said. “The bathroom is beyond repair with cracked shower screens, blocked drains and no toilet door!” Jared is more concerned about leaving his pet pooch. “I think I will struggle being away from my dog,” he said.

House Rules Season 6 - meet the teams!
Young guns Jess and Jared

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