5 timber staircases you’ll wish were yours

Step up to natural finishes and inspired design
Armelle Habib

Installing a timber staircase is a great opportunity to make a statement with sustainably-sourced wood, space savvy style and purposeful design.

More than just a way to move between levels, a staircase should reflect the overall architecture and decorating style of your home. 

Enlist the help of your architect to meet safety standards when making choices for materials used for stair treads, balustrades and surrounding walls.

Here are five lust-worthy examples and tips on why they work so well.

1. Shear simplicity

Topped with a simple timber rail, the blond timbers in these stair treads match the floorboards beneath to create a gentle flow between levels. The staircase support is a darker timber, the tone of which also features in flooring. White-painted and slim-line, the upright lines of the metal balustrade reflect timber vertical joinery in the surrounding walls.

Timber staircase ideas | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Patrick McGrath)

2. Connecting the levels

Like a picture frame, these dark timber treads outline the steps for safety and aesthetic appeal. By matching the floorboards exactly they link the staircase to the other areas of this home to create a cohesive effect. A wide base is created on the first two treads and invites a journey upwards.

Timber staircase ideas | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Eloise Van Riet-Grey)

3. All the textures

This modern home combines recycled brick in the walls with a contemporary polished concrete floor downstairs. The timber staircase, both with its gold-hued treads and vertical timber battens connect the stairs to the ceiling both visually and practically, answering requirements for safety and style.

Timber staircase ideas | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Simon Whitbread)

4. Light and bright

White painted walls and ceiling, together with a glass balustrade are used in this transitional zone to keep the look streamlined and uninterrupted. Open stair treads allow light and space to pass and form a textural link between levels. The genius decorating choice of matching the frame of the adjacent artwork to the staircase timber in anchors the area.

Timber staircase ideas | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Armelle Habib)

5. Inside out

Glass walls surround this staircase to connect the indoors with the outside and allow nature to decorate and delight. A water feature underneath the stairs gives an impression of passing through a waterfall and contributes the feeling of journeying upwards. Metal wiring in the balustrades like the louvre windows on the landing, is a minimal way to tick the safety box, without closing it in.

Timber staircase ideas | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Craig Wall)

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