5 things everyone gets wrong about street appeal

It doesn’t stop at the front door
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Presenting your home beautifully to create a good impression when viewed from the kerb side is more than an effective tool for selling your property. There are many things you can do to improve its appeal right now – for your own enjoyment.

Many of us walk past a less-than-lovely front fence, verandah, even front door on a daily basis without a second thought for the way these elements contribute to the overall impression of your home. It’s time to take stock and think about how to make the front of your house have a real presence from the street.

We talked to licensed builder and home renovator Rachael Turner from Front Porch Properties for some ideas and advice on what essential ingredients make a difference and what most of us are getting wrong.

When listing your home for sale, first impressions count. Make buyers fall in love with your home as soon as they open the gate with these 5 handy tips.

(Credit: Photo: Shania Shegedyn / Styling: Alana Langan)

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1. No real entrance

“Have a marked front entry area,” says Rachael. A gabled portico or built structure at your front door that can be seen from the street directs visitors into your home.

Paint your front door a bright colour or mark the entrance with posts and stairs so that the entrance way is recognisable,” she says.

House numbers are a must and a decorative bell is a nice touch – choose your style and match it to the door hardware.

It’s important to mark the entrance of your home, says Rachael.

(Credit: Photo: Louise Roche / Styling: Kylie Jackes)

2. No verandah

Adding a verandah or front porch or changing up your balustrading creates a beautiful entrance to your home and a lovely area to relax in. “Try to match the style of your home, whether it’s colonial, Queenslander or classic Hamptons style,” Rachael suggests.

“Create a seating area at the entrance with weatherproof cushions to welcome visitors and relax and watch the world go by,” says Rachael.

“For added impact, add an arbour or pergola to the front of your garage,” she says. “An element of handmade a carpentry softens the look of your home and creates a weatherproof area to arrive beneath.”

Adding a front verandah will increase a home’s street appeal.

(Credit: Photo: Front Porch Properties)

3. No fence

“A picket fence is an affordable way to dress up the front of your house,” says Rachel. Sold in packs from hardware stores, “They’re a quick and easy way to perfect the front of your home and give a beautiful impression from the kerb side.”

Regardless of the finish of your home – whether brick, render or painted timber, a crisp white picket fence provides a contrast and is an inexpensive and charming addition.

Rachael encourages homeowners to invest in a custom-made or decorative mailbox, including your house number to match the style of your house.

A picket fence will “give a beautiful impression from the kerb side,” says Rachael.

(Credit: Photo: Kristina Soljo / Styling: Lisa Burden)

4. Neglected paintwork

To dramatically and immediately changes the look of your home you can’t go past a new paint job on the exterior.

“Work to a palette of four main colours drawn from the colour of your roof, including [colours for] the main body of your house, your trim and front door,” Rachael advises.

A fresh coat of paint will work wonders, says Rachael.

(Credit: Photo: Sue Stubbs / Styling: Bree Oliver)

5. A neglected garden

Plants are incredibly important in making a beautiful entrance and give your home a polished edge. “Massed planting looks beautiful from the street, drawing your eye – whether a clean, manicured look or a rambling hedge,” Rachael enthuses. “Topiary and climbing plants (with an investment of time and patience) looks stunning and softens [the look of] the house. Rachael suggests rows of Lilly pilly and Japanese box hedges for an attractive, tidy appearance.

“Add pots at the entrance with flowering plant for a seasonal burst of colour,” says Rachael.

A tidy garden can make a marked difference to a home’s kerb appeal.

(Credit: Photo: Armelle Habib / Styling: Julia Green)

A home that presents beautifully on the street delights not just prospective buyers and passers-by but is a delight to behold as you arrive home each day, stirring a sense of pride in your home.

For more tips and tricks visit Front Porch Properties online or on Youtube.

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