The rules to painting your walls a dark colour

Number one: contrast is key

The 2020 paint colour forecast predicts dark and daring colours will make a splash in our homes, and for good reason, as painting walls in moody shades can add an indulgent layer of depth to any room.

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Home Beautiful editor Sarah Burman emphasises that strategic styling is key to pulling off bold walls in your living room.

In that case, what exactly are her expert styling tips?

1. Contrast.
Dark walls need to be offset with furniture in lighter colours, such as white sofas or coffee tables.

2. Complement.
Even though major features should juxtapose the dark with light, subtle hints of your chosen paint colour should still emerge in the décor for unity.

3. Test patch.
“Colour can look different depending on the light source, whether it’s natural or manmade,” Sarah says, which is why testing your chosen colour in a small patch first is crucial for success.

If you’re still in doubt, be brave! Paint is only paint, after all.

The Home Beautiful video series is short and sweet, offering tips and tricks to styling every aspect of the home. For more advice, watch the video below.

Research: Imogene Abady Presenter: Sarah Burman Styling: Drew Lewis

For more styling ideas watch the video below:

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