5 ways to protect your home from storm damage

We talk to an expert on the pinch points and how to prepare your home against extreme weather.
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Year-round maintenance in specific areas of roofing, gutters and the surrounding landscape environment will keep your home safe from the ravages of seasonal storms.

With the extremes in weather homeowners are experiencing around Australia at the moment, emergency services and tradespeople are facing countless callouts from homeowners in distress.

Following yesterday’s storms hitting Sydney – that saw torrential rain and storms, resulting in Sydney’s wettest November day since 1984, according to SMH on-demand tradie platform hipages has seen a significant spike in all storm-related requests with roof repair jobs having more than quadrupled, up by 850% week-on-week!

Guttering and gutter cleaning jobs on higpages have more than tripled (up by more than 600% week-on-week)* with the possibility these figures may increase further as the full extent of damage unfolds. 

With roof damage tending to be the most common form of storm damage experienced by homeowners in such severe weather conditions, we spoke to Sydney-based Jonathan Hayes of Tailored Construction Group to learn how to batten down the hatches ahead of time to avoid serious damage to your home

How to protect your home from storm damage
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Roof damage

“In a storm roof damage is most common typically caused by falling debris including tree branches or clutter in gutters resulting in external, and in some cases internal damage to your home,” says Jonathan.

How do you best avoid roof damage in a storm?

“Your roof is one of the most vulnerable areas in a storm so you need to keep yours well maintained,” Jonathan advises.

Things you can do to minimise the damage to your roof during a storm include;

  • Ensuring there is no pre-existing damage to your roof like loose tiles or sheets. If there’s any physical damage, repair this as soon as you can. If your roof is in poor condition it’s much more likely to succumb to the ravages of a storm
  • Checking the trees around your home and trimming back branches that are close to your property is important. Also, if possible, remove any trees that pose danger
  • Making sure that your gutters and drainpipes are clear as this is essential to drain the torrents of stormwater away before they can flood your home

Roof leaks

How do you find the source of roof leaks?

“If you have a leak in your roof it’s important to fix immediately – small leaks can lead to big problems including mould, rotted framing and destroyed insulation. Looking for a leak is not a DIY job! Instead you should call on a licensed builder to assess the source of the leak and any other related damage.”


Tips to stop windows rattling?

“As windows age the rubber between the glass and frame will wear away allowing movement in the window, resulting in the rattling noise you hear whenever there’s a strong gust of wind. You can silence your windows using a self-adhesive window tape, specifically designed to keep out drafts and breezes. If issues with your windows persist, it could be a sign that your windows are due for replacement.”


How often should you update the guttering on your home?

“The longevity of your gutters is dependent on the level of maintenance. With regular cleaning your gutters should last up to forty years though if ignored, may only make it to ten.”

“Gutter cleaning should happen twice a year at a minimum, especially prior to any expected storms.”

Jonathan Hayes of Tailored Construction Group
How to protect your home from storm damage
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“Gutters are essential as they protect your house from leaks but when a storm hits they can take a beating,” says Jonathan. “Before a storm hits, check your gutters and clear them of any debris or obstructions to avoid water overflowing into the eaves of your roofing.”

“If your gutter becomes clogged with leaves and debris the water will back up and can potentially enter your roof causing further damage.”

Tailored Construction Group, is based in Sydney and listed on hipages.


*In comparison with the jobs posted in these categories last Wednesday 21/11


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