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5 butler’s pantry ideas

Kitchen clutter, be gone!
Shania Shegedyn

Adding a butler’s pantry adjacent to your kitchen can transform it into a chef’s paradise. More than just a super-efficient way to double your storage, you’ll also reduce clutter and take behind the scenes all the messiness of food preparation and general kitchen life – fantastic when entertaining!

It’s all in the planning. Make the most of your space with these tips and tricks to include in your kitchen design.

Butler's pantry ideas
(Credit: Shania Shegedyn)
  1. Blend your cabinetry with streamlined finishes to create a seamless transition between kitchen and butler’s pantry
  2. All-white finishes gives the illusion of space. Continuing your white kitchen cabinetry into your butler’s pantry will make it disappear from view.
  3. Incorporate wine storage space for wine bottles in the cabinetry and an under-bench wine fridge if the budget stretches to that. Consider a designated cupboard nearby to store wine glasses – or hang them underneath overhead cabinetry.
  4. Install double power outlets along the benches for out-of-sight appliances.
  5. Remember to include a splashback – mirror or glass will reflect light into the space and make the room look bigger.

Most importantly make sure you apply all of your kitchen planning rules and ideas to your butler’s pantry too – everything from drawer dividers and other clever storage ideas, to wipe-clean benchtops, task- and strip lighting and an extra sink if possible – will all pay dividends in terms of efficiency, organisation and style down the track.

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