5 things that make your kitchen look messier than it is

Tidy home, tidy mind
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It can get you down if every time you walk into your kitchen it looks untidy and full of clutter. However, things may not be as bad as you think. Here are a few simple practices you can put in place to ensure your kitchen always looks tidy.

1. Letting dishes pile up in the sink

This looks unsightly and makes the dishes, pots and pans harder to clean later, as food will dry and harden. Soak pots and pans immediately and always cleanup cooking mess, pack the dishwasher and wipe down surfaces after a meal.

Butler's pantry with herringbone timber floor
If space allows, hide all your kitchen mess in a butler’s pantry. (Credit: Simon Whitbread)

2. Using your fridge as a bulletin board

Old invitations, magazine clippings and kids’ artworks combine to create unnecessary visual clutter and doesn’t help your home organisation. To avoid papers piling up, find a stylish family organiser to keep track of everyone’s schedule. Pairing it with a simple, tidy art gallery where items are rotated regularly for a fresh display.

3. A chaotic approach to appliances

Stop an army of appliances taking over valuable bench space by applying the old adage of, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Assign a designated space for the appliances that you use every day. Return the item there after each use and give it a quick wipe down. Other appliances used less often should be stored away in a drawer, cupboard or pantry.

Wooden cutting boards on neutral tile splashback
(Credit: Villa Styling)

4. Untidy shelves

If you have open shelving, organise like-with-like items and stack them neatly on your shelves. Only display items that are used often so they’re always clean. Display indoor plants, pretty jugs, bowls or vases in small vignettes to compliment your daily-use pieces.

5. Using your kitchen as a multi-purpose space

Create separate areas for activities other than the preparation and eating of food in the kitchen. School books, sewing projects, kids’ craft and bill-paying need their own spaces and storage. In a small kitchen that does double duty, try using mobile storage such as a trolley or portable baskets that can come and go as needed.

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