The latest looks in flooring and how to style them

There's more to flooring than just timber or concrete. The latest looks are durable, water-resistant and ever so stylish
Shelley Craft solves your decorating dilemmas | Home Beautiful Magazine AustraliaCarpet Court

The right flooring can completely transform your home. It can help to brighten or darken a space, inject colour and hold warmth.

Multilayer Hybrid stocked by Carpet Court combines the beauty of timber with the best of laminate and vinyl. Embossed with a beautifully textured timber grain and naturally waterproof, it can be installed throughout your entire home, even in wet zones like bathrooms and laundries. 


(Credit: Carpet Court)

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The easy-to-install waterproof floorboards come in a range of colours, from a whitewashed look to rich leathery browns and dark shades of grey. Here’s how to match them to your home.

  1. Opt for a strong colour on the floor and paint the walls lighter to create contrast and a sense of depth
  2. Light flooring goes brilliantly with clean greys or bold colours
  3. Medium brown flooring pairs with warm neutrals like khaki or slate as it heightens the warm tones in the floor
  4. Pair honey-toned wood with medium greens as it will balance the yellow undertones
  5. A deep, dark floor can hold its own against a deep red or blue-green wall
(Credit: Carpet Court)

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