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Making white work in the bathroom

Keeping it simple with an all-white colour scheme heralds heroes and banishes villains
All white bathroom | Home Beautiful Magazine AustraliaDerek Swalwell

According to Coco Chanel, not only is less more, but the beauty of white is absolute. Stretch your renovating dollar further by using white to its full potential when making decorating choices in the bathroom. The possibilities to hide a multitude of sins, add a little class, clear visual clutter and calm the senses all lies in the power of white.

All white bathroom | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Marble adds a little luxe (Credit: Michael Tobar)

Even the smallest bathroom looks larger and more elegant when realised in an all-white colour scheme. White bounces light around the room and is easier than you think to maintain. A clean, glossy surface requires only a regular wipe down and the occasional visit with the bleach bottle (test a small area first).

Let the architecture of your home come to the fore and don’t be afraid to touch up or repaint whole areas for a fresh look – a quick top coat in the same colour provides a quick and easy refresh.


A few coasts of paint unify an ensemble of repurposed and rescued pieces

All white bathroom | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
This mirror and vanity are both painted in Dulux Light Rice for a cohesive look (Credit: Derek Swalwell)
All white bathroom | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Restore and revive classic pieces (Credit: Derek Swalwell)

Top tips for making white work

  • Use over-sized tiles with white grout
  • Consider applying from floor to ceiling to create the illusion of a larger, uninterrupted surface area
  • A white freestanding bath forms a statement without disrupting the feeling of lightness in the space
  • Keep fixtures simple and unified in finish
  • Can’t come at all white? Consider marble for a little texture and a luxe feel
All white bathroom | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia

Marble Carrara Primo Venato honed tile, Beaumont Tiles // Posh Solus 1780 freestanding bath, Reece // Gessi Eleganza Cristalplant mirror, Domayne

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