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How to maximise space in a small nursery

Small space? No worries!
Annette O'Brien

Decorating the nursery for your first child is one of life’s great joys. The experience of setting up a special place just for your little bundle of joy is something many mothers look forward to doing. However, setting up a fresh new room isn’t all about baby bunting and selecting a cot. It’s about making the space as beautiful and as practical as possible, while suiting your lifestyle, needs and storage  needs. Another thing to consider when designing a baby nursery is to use eco-friendly and natural materials.

Steve Cenatiempo is the managing director at baby furniture manufacturer Tasman Eco, and he has some tips on how to maximise space in a new nursery. 

1. Plan the layout before you buy anything

“Planning is essential! Before you buy any products for the nursery, you need to ensure they will fit in the space and look cohesive together. This is why new parents should always plan the layout as their first step to furnishing a nursery.”

2. Include furniture that can serve multiple purposes

“When working with a small room, you want to be savvy and use all available space available to you. Pieces of furniture that can serve multiple purposes are a great way to maximise the space while still ensuring that you have everything you need in the nursery.”

How to maximise space in a small nursery
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3. Ditch the closet door

“When planning the layout for a nursery, the positioning of furniture makes all the difference to how you can maximise space. Closet doors can often limit the options for placement of furniture. Removing them not only opens the space up, giving you more room, it also offers more decorating options. Try a patterned curtain that fits the overall theme of your room and that still serves the practical purpose of hiding everything in the closet when you don’t want to see it.

4. Storage, storage and more storage

“Storage is key to maximising the space that you have available in the nursery. Adding a second rail in a closet can increase capacity and installing shelves at the bottom can add storage for things things such as nappies and toys. Once baby arrives, organisation will be key to helping you stay on top of everything, and reduce the time you spend looking for individual items.”

How to maximise space in a small nursery
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5. Get vertical to reclaim unused space

“Unused space can often be utilised, you just need to know how. Wall hooks are one great way to get more vertical storage, as are floating shelves. If you also have unused space behind the bedroom door where nothing else can fit, you can build a vertical library. The best part? This DIY creation can grow with your child.

This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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