Love Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen? Here are his best quotes from House Rules

Hilarious moments from hit TV show, House Rules

Known for his quirky quotes and flamboyant suits, House Rules’ Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s one-liners are having us in stitches this season. Here are some of LLB’s funniest quotes so far.

1. Bathroom disappointment 

(Credit: House Rules)

Aaron and Daniella’s tropical-inspired home left LLB feeling flat after seeing the monotone bathroom.

2. All suited up

His suit was the centre of attention when delivering his scores on the 24-hour fix up challenge at Home Base.

3. Farm vibes 

(Credit: House Rules)

LLB wasn’t a fan of Aaron and Daniella’s ensuite which was created by Fiona and Nicole.


4. Celebrity chic

Troy and Bec’s Kim Kardashian-inspired bedroom left LLB with only one thing to say…

5. Colour play

Andrew and Jono’s retro WA home was bright. Very, very bright.

Want to get to know Laurence better? In our video, he share his thoughts on popular styles, rooms to renovate and places to go. Watch it now.

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