The 10-minute job that will make you win at cleaning

Keeping your home clean and tidy deserves a reward – here it is!
Graham Jepson

Staying on top of housework is a full time job. There’s always plenty on the list and it’s seldom that you can sit back and admire a job well done.

We’ve got the best idea for you to do just that, making it all worthwhile.

Invite friends over.


Stay with us here…

Whilst it may seem counter productive to make more work for yourself, or you might feel your home is not presentable enough for entertaining, a little burst of energy to get the house ready for guests is just the deadline you need to bring it all together.

Knowing others will come to enjoy your home will be the just motivation you need for a push to style it up, arrange little vignettes of your favourite things, buy flowers and light a candle.

You can then enjoy the fruits of your labor by sitting down with friends and enjoying your beautiful home.

Keep it simple. Don’t create a whole party or a 4 course meal (unless you want to!), merely take 10 minutes to invite a small group of friends for a casual BBQ (ask them to bring a plate) or ask friends to your place for drinks ahead of a planned night out somewhere together.

You deserve it!


Here’s a quick-to-prepare offering and simple cocktail to get the party started:

The Verdant cocktail recipe by the Grounds

Dressed oysters with radish & cucumber salad

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