The Verdant cocktail recipe by The Grounds

This easy cocktail recipe is full of zesty lime, fresh mint and gin - a weekend treat!
The Grounds Gin lime and mint cocktail recipeThe Grounds
Makes 1

Beautiful to look at and refreshingly cool to drink, this peppy cocktail recipe comes courtesy of The Grounds.

Fans of classic gin cocktails will love the burst of fresh citrus, and the flourish fresh of garden herbs. This is one to enjoy with friends all year round.




Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake.


Single strain into a short glass with fresh ice.


Garnish with crushed ice, large apple mint sprig and edible flower, and two cocktail straws.

The Grounds of Alexandria’s stylist also discusses her passion for the cafe and shares her styling tips here.

The Grounds Gin lime and mint cocktail recipe
(Credit: The Grounds)

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