A butcher’s top three cuts of beef

"It's flavoursome and my wife does a good job of cooking it," remarks butcher Jud Haines.
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Do you ever find yourself scratching your head over what cut of beef to buy? It’s always good to have a chat with your local butcher – they’re brimming with knowledge on what cut works best with the dish you’re planning to prepare. In episode 14 of Cooks Co-op, butcher Jud Haines of Glossodia Meats shares with you his favourite three cuts of beef.


1. Eye fillet

Cut from the loin of beef, eye fillet is considered the finest piece of beef and ranks as Jud’s number one cut. “Personally, my favourite is eye fillet – my youngest son loves to eat it because it’s nice and tender,” he says.

2. Rump steak

There are two pieces of rump taken from each animal – from the hindquarter and the muscle above the hip bone of the beef. Considered a super versatile cut of beef, with little fat or marbling, Jud gives rump steak his thumbs up. “It’s flavoursome and my wife does a good job of cooking it,” he remarks.

3. T-bone

The characteristic T shape of the mammoth T-bone steak comes from a vertical cut through the beef, incorporating both the front of the sirloin and the beef fillet. This cut of beef makes Jud’s top three “because of the size of it, and the flavour and texture,” he says. Interestingly, the bone in the meat helps conduct heat, which comes in handy for serving up an evenly cooked steak. 

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