How to peel an egg perfectly

If peeling eggs boils your blood, try this trick
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This method works a charm to remove those shells quick-smart!

If you love adding a hard-boiled egg to your sandwich, salad or meatloaf but find the hassle to peel them far outweighs the flavour and texture they bring to the dish, this might be the tip for you.

How to peel a hard boiled egg perfectly
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Using an older egg is also recommended to facilitate the separation of the egg from its shell but according to Prevention, adding 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda to your boiling water helps to adjust the PH level of the egg in the water and is also effective in allowing the egg to pull away from the shell.

Another method tried and tested was to place a boiled egg in a glass with a small amount of water, cover with your hand and shake like crazy. After five seconds the shell will be sufficiently crackled to allow the shell to be easily removed in one piece –revealing a perfectly clean and smooth egg!

See the process in action here:

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