How to soften an avocado instantly for your smashed avo on toast

... and it's not the banana trick! 
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There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering your avocado is rock hard – just when you’re about to make smashed avo on toast.

So how can you ripen it quickly?

We all heard of the banana in a paper bag trick, but according to the experts from the California Avocado Commission, you should pop your avocados in a paper bag with a kiwifruit or apple (or both).

For best results, use red or golden delicious apples (instead of Gala or Fuji) because they produce more ethylene, which triggers the ripening process.

The only problem with the paper bag technique is that you need to wait overnight for it to ripen.

If you can’t wait a day, try this trick from California avocado grower Carol Steed to instantly soften your avo: Place two peeled, pitted avocados in a blender with one cup of peas (fresh, or frozen and thawed); and pulse until smooth. The peas will help soften the unripe avocados but it won’t affect the flavour.

After a delicious avocado recipe? Try Salmon ceviche with guacamole, or Vegetarian tacos: Pico de gallo and avocado.



This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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