4 tricky tasks you didn’t know you could outsource

Those jobs in the "too hard" basket are within reach after all
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If you’re of the opinion that “Life is too short to clean the oven” read on.

There’s a bunch of tasks around the home that many of us are, well, afraid of. Some of them are scary, some are unpleasant, some are just plain confusing. In the modern age of online click and collect, door-to-door delivery and flapack, have we forgotten good old fashioned customer service?

There’s a whole host of specialist service companies out there we’re simply not utilising to get things ship shape at home. Professionals, specialists and attenders-to-detail are all available at the click of a booking button online to not only come to your home, but get it right the first time.

Here’s help for four of those jobs you simply don’t want to do.

1. Assembling flatpack furniture

You can get someone on board for a reasonable enough price and still consider your flatpack purchase an affordable buy. IKEA has teamed up with Airtasker to provide a band of experts to do just this, but there are plenty of others offering this service.

4 tricky tasks you didn't know you could outsource | Home Beautiful Magazine
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2. Oven cleaning

Yes, some people do this for a living and frankly we see the appeal of doing one thing, well. You might like the satisfaction of cleaning your own oven periodically but, if this doesn’t sound like you, for as little as $100 a visit your oven can receive a deep clean as often as you need – companies usually work to a timetable of 3, 6 or 12monthly.

4 tricky tasks you didn't know you could outsource | Home Beautiful Magazine

3. Picture hanging

Who hasn’t knocked a hole in the wall where it shouldn’t be, or had a mirror or painting fall off the wall randomly due to a dubious hanging job? A professional picture hanger can consult on the right way to hang objects – be it a heavy mirror, family photo collection in the stair well, artwork on a brick fireplace or an eclectic salon arrangement – they will take the stress out of measuring and getting the hardware right to do the job.

4 tricky tasks you didn't know you could outsource | Home Beautiful Magazine
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4. Packing ahead of a move

A service most of us are aware of but many have never used, most moving companies also offer a packing service so all you have to do is walk away. It will depend on your finances and situation but, for many of us the time spent packing is time better spent at work or elsewhere arranging details for the move. Professional packers move through the task quickly and efficiently, with proper care and attention to detail – and will even unpack at the other end for you. All you have to do is pop a champagne cork in the new abode.

4 tricky tasks you didn't know you could outsource | Home Beautiful Magazine
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Top tips:

Get a quote first – companies will usually give you an idea of costs on their website but it’s advisable to get a written (or emailed) quote before you begin to avoid hidden costs.

Shop around – with many people offering the same service online, it pays to shop around for the best price.

Stay local – if you can source a supplier in your local area, so much the better. Not only will the call out fee often be less, you’ll be supporting a member of your local community.

Browse further – often services do diversify to similar tasks so explore their website in case they can do two jobs for you in the one visit!

Ask around – good old fashioned word-of-mouth is the best way to find good service providers. Consult friends you know who use a similar service, or post on your local community Facebook page or local blog site.

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