5 top tips from Home Beautiful decorators

Wise advice from some of HB's cleverest decorators
John Downs

Decorating a room is a labour of love and and an opportunity to celebrate inspirational style. Here is some decorating advice from a few of Home Beautiful‘s favourite home decorators.

bedroom inspirational soft furnishings
(Credit: Natalie Hunfalvay)

1. “I don’t like second best. If I want something but can’t afford it. I do without until I can.” – Susan, Blue Mountains

2.  “I just do what feels right. I’m huge on layering different effects, so I use a variety of textures such timber, soft fabrics and greenery in one space.” – Emma, Hunter Valley

Decorating French style
(Credit: Natalie Hunfalvay)

3. “Be careful of trends. Also stay true to your style and evolve with it.” – Lavinia, Johannesburg

4. “Read, read, read. I never stop devouring design books, magazines, websites, blogs, Pinterest and Instagram. It’s not just looking a pretty pictures, but studying and dissecting them and understanding why a room works.” – Melinda, NSW

hamptons style lounge room living room
(Credit: Katrina Crook)

5. “Try not to do everything all at once so that it doesn’t feel forced. Allow the home to get that organic built-up-over-time feel. It’s lovely to include treasures from holidays because they give the home soul.” – Natalie, Perth


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