5 ways to support small businesses during coronavirus

Show your support while you're self-isolating
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With everyone self-isolating and staying away from shops, small businesses are feeling the pinch.

So what can you do to support your favourite independent businesses during the coronavirus crisis?

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Here are 5 ways you can make a difference.  

1. Buy gift cards

Give your favourite restaurant, local theatre or independent store an instant boost by purchasing a gift card online. This will not only help keep cash flowing, you’ll have something to look forward to in future.

2. Order online

Why not stock up on gifts and cards now and get ahead of birthdays for the year? Support your local creatives and search Etsy shops for creative one-of-a-kind presents and handmade cards.

3. Shop local

If you’re well and don’t have any symptoms of Covid-19, venture out to your local shops for a spot of retail therapy. Avoid the big supermarkets and head instead to local butchers, bakeries and fruit and veg shops.

Shopping for fruit and vegetables
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4. Show your love

Small business owners can feel abandoned and isolated right now, so every bit of support makes a difference. As well as liking and commenting on posts, give small businesses more visibility by sharing posts with your own followers. A little bit of social support helps everyone feel part of the community.

5. Be generous with tips

Grabbing a latte at your local café? Getting a hair cut or catching a cab home? Show your support and leave a larger tip than usual.

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