6 of the best things to do for your home

Treat it nicely and it will love you back
Rethink your living room layout | Home Beautiful Magazine AustraliaSimon Whitbread

How you look after your home shows in how you live in it and how you present it to others. Without a considered approach, it can become more of a burden than a haven. Here’s how to love where you live.

Invest in art

Art moves you and shows where you’ve been, perhaps where you’re going but, more importantly, where you are right now. Allow yourself to fall in love with and invest in significant pieces of art to display and enjoy in your home, be it a painting, sculpture or wall hanging.

Start a collection of indoor plants

Indoor plants need caring for and the activities of watering and nurturing living things encourages a fresh and healthy approach to your environment.

Bring in a pet

Having a family in your house can be a wonderful way to make it a home and that includes your furry friends. A warm welcome when you arrive home, a snuggle buddy and someone to stay home for can be the difference between spending time away from home, or simply staying in.

Buy that longed-for item

If there’s a sofa you’re dreaming of, or a statement bathtub you can’t stop thinking about, or a family heirloom that needs and expensive makeover, find a way to make it happen for inclusion in your home-scape. A ‘forever’ piece of furniture will anchor you to your home and the spaces therein, and set you on a path to a collection of quality homewares you adore and will always have in your life.

Clean it like you’re about to move

The number of people who fall in love with their home all over again when they clear, clean and style it up for sale is countless. Pretend you’re putting it on the market and do a deep clean. Get rid of clutter, fix broken chairs, dust and streamline bookshelves and mops the floors. Get down on your hands and knees and scrub – seriously! Or hire a professional to do the work for you – action a total tidy campaign to clear the decks, then hand over to the pros!

Invite friends over

Entertaining is a sure-fire way to get your home ship shape and provides a deadline to do so. Live the life you’ve imagined and feel proud of your home to share it with those you love. Whether it’s a weekly TV night to fluff up the sofa cushions for, or a summer BBQ with the whole gang, the fruits of your labor can then be enjoyed with your nearest and dearest.

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