6 trendy décor items that are already dated

Are you holding on to these dated décor items?
Angelita Bonetti

Thanks to affordable retailers like Myer, Big W, Kmart and IKEA, getting your hands on the latest and greatest décor item to update your space is easier than ever before, and it doesn’t cost much to do it. While some trends have endured several seasons, such as sanded timber floorboards, indoor plants and white-washed interiors, other trends haven’t quite experienced the same longevity.

The scary, and somewhat frustrating, thing about this story, is that many of these trends aren’t very old, but already seem terribly dated. Here are six trendy décor items you need to get rid of now because they’re more passé than personality-packed.

1. Inspirational signs, quotes and words

While many people swear by the inspiring powers of daily affirmations, the powers of inspirational or cutesy quotes fall flat once in the context of interiors. It’s time to ditch the ‘live, love, laugh’ signs and move on to some unique art prints or photographic imagery for your walls.

Colourful cottage kitchen with upholstered window bench seat
DO THIS INSTEAD: Hang real art on your kitchen walls. (Credit: Photography: Hannah Puechmarin / Stylist: Cheryl Carr)

2. Pink flamingos

While Palm Springs style has definitely enjoyed a resurgence, these leggy birds had their heyday circa 2016, started to fade in 2017, and now they’re officially dated. If you’re still sporting pink flamingos on your cushions, lamps or decorative objects, it’s time to let them go. Try a timeless botanical print instead.

Classic coastal bedroom with botanicla art print
DO THIS INSTEAD: Find classic coastal style in subdued tones. (Credit: Photography: Simon Whitbread / Styling: Heliconia)

3. Collections of ceramic animals

While some consider this trend kitschy and cute, we’re not sure it was ever a good idea! Try displaying collections of treasure or trinkets you’ve collected from your travels or family holidays, or even breaking out the family heirlooms and working them into your interiors. A balance of old and new is the key to any good interior.

Collected pieces displayed on a bookshelf with teal velvet bedspread
DO THIS INSTEAD: Try displaying meaningful pieces together with plants for a fresh look to your shelfie. (Credit: Photography: Sue Stubbs / Styling: Jessica Bellef)

4. Seashells

Popular in beachside homes and properties channelling Hamptons style, items made from seashells have had their time in the sun, along with artfully-placed pieces of driftwood. While shells can still form part of the mix, tone down the look by blending a mixture of indoor plants and colourful coffee table books to keep the look realistic and interesting or replace them with vases of fresh flowers or candles.

Hamptons coffee table with shells and coral
DO THIS INSTEAD: Find ways to display shells and coral for a more contemporary look. (Credit: Photography: Louise Roche / Styling: Kylie Jackes)

5. All-white everything

While difficult to get right, all-white interiors don’t have to be stark and minimalist – they can work beautifully with careful planning and the help of professionals. Integrating colours, textures and different materials into your home is definitely on trend and creates a timeless look, but don’t be afraid to try going bold with colours or dominant shades.

All white coastal apartement with rattan accents
DO THIS INSTEAD: Pack a punch by combining white with textural accents. (Credit: Photographer: Mindi Cooke / Styling: Kylie Jackes)

6. Faux fur

This trend piggy-backed in on the coat tails of Scandinavian interiors at the peak of their popularity. While the simple, beautiful and natural interiors of Scandinavian design will always be stylish, faux fur will not. Try replacing faux fur cushions with velvet, quilted fabrics, knits, or natural materials such as linen or leather. For your floor, jute, sisal or plush rugs are always a style statement.  

Coastal style living room with textured accents
DO THIS INSTEAD: Natural fibres now trump faux fur in the style stakes. (Credit: Louise Roche)

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